Listen to any of our stations Live 24 hours a day. 


Transmitter 1

9475 and 5830

Scriptures for America Worldwide

To Europe, Africa & Asia

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Transmitter 2

5085 The BIG One

Greatest Hits of All Time to Europe, Russia & China

Playing Requests ALL Day online

And Live at Night

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Transmitter 3

12.105 mhz Listen Live

Music City Magic

Nashville Country Music to Europe, Africa, South America, Canada & Mexico

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Transmitter 4

 9.940 mhz Listen Live

Broadcasting to Ukraine and Russia.

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QSO Radio Show

Ted Randall hosts The QSO Radio Show

Featuring numorous Hams as guest.

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Radio Disclosure

Matt Aaron and / or Ted Randall hosts Radio Disclosure

Featuring anything paranormal, UFOs, strange, weird and more

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Old Time Radio Shows

Old Time Radio Shows

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Deliverance Ministries

Deliverance Ministries with 

Pastor Everett Cox

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Everett Cox Video

Deliverance Ministries

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